Meet Cosima My Friend

Cosima Leedom grew up in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico, which gave her a rich spiritual connection to Mother Earth.

Her work as a water color artist, massage therapist, self-healing consultant and her 30-year history of philosophical studies and meditation practices have given her a sense of direction in life. Her personal healing process has given her the needed compassion to help others along the path.

Cosima is a Reiki and Qi Tao Reiki master, a New Mexico state licensed massage therapy instructor, yoga instructor, transformational consultant and an ordained minister. She has thirty years of meditation practice and work as a massage therapist. Please visit Therapy by Cosima for details on her professional services.

Cosima’s personal life is as full as is her professional life. She is a downhill and cross country skier, backpacker, hiker, mountain biker, dedicated friend to many and trusted partner to Jan.